Practicing Harp Happiness:
Music and Meaning Collection

Discover deeper musical connections to inspire every moment of your harp playing.

#011: Clair de lune: A Harpist's Guide

Some composers change music forever, Claude Debussy was one of those. Debussy is generally credited with the rise of the Impressionist movement in music. The Impressionists focused on the mood and atmosphere of music, conveying it through tone color and flow, rather than sharp musical detail.

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#007: Music of Revolution: The Liberty Song

Music has the power to inspire, to encourage and to unite. No song reveals this more clearly than the one written by a Philadelphia lawyer in 1768.

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Episode #003: Canon Law: A Harpist’s Guide to the Pachelbel Canon

What’s the one piece any harpist could name after just the first two chords? It’s the Pachelbel Canon of course. Whether you’ve played it a thousand times or have yet to learn it, the Canon in D by Johann Pachelbel has become standard repertoire for harpists.

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