Harp Mastery® Certified Coaching

Harpists often struggle because they don't know the secrets to making rapid progress and sustaining momentum.

Harp Mastery® Certified Coaching is more than just harp lessons. Your certified master coach provides you with personalized strategies, systems and support, giving you the confidence you need to play the music you want the way you want.

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Why Harp Mastery® Certified Coaching? 
Why now?


How It Works

Schedule a Call.

You're ready to get started! Schedule your video Planning Call with Anne to identify your harp goals and plan your path to harp happiness.

Find the perfect coach.

Anne will help you choose the perfect coach for you from our roster of certified Harp Mastery® coaches. Then you will meet with your new coach to create your personalized plan.

Play the harp!

Your coach will work one-on-one with you using our exclusive system for focused practice and surprisingly speedy progress. You can relax, knowing you have an expert by your side and that your success is only weeks away.


Christina's Journey

This is a hero's tale. Christina's story shows what happens when you go beyond desiring growth to taking action to achieve your goals. Brava, Christina - well done! Thank you for letting Harp Mastery® Certified Coaching help you along your journey.

What Makes Harp Mastery® Certified Coaching  Unique

Harp lessons are just that - lessons. The Harp Mastery® Certified Coaching program is a 12-week success formula for your harp playing. The program runs using a trimester schedule, and we accept new students before each trimester starts (September, January and May).

Our exclusive goal-oriented framework gives your practice structure and clarity by identifying the precise steps you need to take to accomplish your personal harp objective, whether that is learning a particular piece, strengthening your technique, becoming a better sight reader, growing and maintaining your repertoire or all of the above. Your practice is no longer aimless, unfocused, boring or unproductive. You see daily and weekly progress and discover the confidence that comes from setting and achieving your goals.

The framework has three components:


You and your coach set your objectives for the program, and your coach helps you determine the exact steps you need to take in order to achieve them. You will not only have a clear plan for this week’s practice, but you will be able to see easily how this week’s practice will move you toward your goal.


The most powerful part of the framework is that you can actually see your progress. No more wondering when your piece will be done or hoping that you are practicing the right things. Your weekly progress is part of a structured plan with monthly benchmarks that are like signposts telling you, “You are going the right way!”


How do you know your practice is working? Because you have proof! There is nothing so satisfying as achieving your goal, knowing that you have accomplished something musically rewarding and personally meaningful. If you haven’t experienced that lately (or ever), now is your time!

What Students are Saying

"I just completed the 10-week certified coaching program with Mary Jane as my teacher. This was an incredibly worthwhile experience and elevated my playing to a new level. I loved the goal-focused approach to each lesson and the teacher lesson notes I received immediately after each lesson that reminded me of what we discussed in the lesson and helped me build on each successive step of my learning. I was learning pieces that were above my grade level yet the teaching/learning system allowed me to make more and faster progress than was possible in the past. I would absolutely encourage other harpists to participate in this program because the skills and approach to learning and performing pieces will be invaluable as they continue in their harp journey."

- Grace, Certified Coaching Program Student

"I highly recommend the Certified Coaching Program. I am a harpist that plays for my own pleasure and I enjoy challenging myself to continually improve and learn new skills. Without steady lessons, I had reached the point where I felt stuck and was searching for a way to move forward in my playing. I was amazed by how much I accomplished during the course of the program. However, what was even more valuable to me was that I finally learned a methodology on how to take a piece of music from start to finish on my own. I am definitely more confident and excited to start working on more challenging music knowing that I have the tools and a system to learn new music. Participating in this coaching program has been the best action I have taken for my music enjoyment since my decision to learn to play the harp."

- Julie, Certified Coaching Program Student

What's My Investment?

Allegro Program (Session every week)

  • Planning Call (45 Minutes) Value: $150
  • Kickoff Call (45 Minutes) Value: $150
  • 10 Virtual One-on-One sessions (60 Minutes Each) Value: $900
  • Private Group Workshop (90 Minutes) Value: $150
  • Soiree (Playing Opportunity) Value: $150
  • Spark Journal (Print Version) Value: $25
  • Keynote Call: Value: $150
  • Check-in Call (20 Minutes) Value: $60
  • Follow-up Call (20 Minutes) Value: $60
  • Simply Social Calls Free Bonus
  • Accomplishing Your Goal: Priceless!

PLUS: session notes and practice plans emailed to you after each session and stored in a private online folder.


That’s a savings of more than 20%!

Andante Program (Session every other week)

  • Planning Call (45 Minutes) Value: $150
  • Kickoff Call (45 Minutes) Value: $150
  • 5 Virtual One-on-One sessions (60 Minutes Each) Value: $450
  • Private Group Workshop (90 Minutes) Value: $150
  • Soiree (Playing Opportunity) Value: $150
  • Spark Journal (Print Version) Value: $25
  • Keynote Call: Value: $150
  • Check-in Call (20 Minutes) Value: $60
  • Follow-up Call (20 Minutes) Value: $60
  • Simply Social Calls Free Bonus
  • Accomplishing Your Goal: Priceless!

PLUS: session notes and practice plans emailed to you after each session and stored in a private online folder.


That’s a savings of more than 25%!

What's Included in the Program

The Proof Is In The System

"For over three years, I have harnessed the power of goal setting and planning incremental steps needed to reach a target. The daily practice record and weekly reviews keep me moving forward.  Each month, I reflect on progress towards my 90 day goals. I never wonder what to do next when I sit at my harp. It is an incredible feeling to reach my harp playing goals!"    
-Pam Winterroth, Harp Mastery® Gold Circle student

How to Know if Certified Coaching is Right For You


  • I’m just a beginner? Is this program too much for me? There is no better time to learn the secrets to proper practice and steady progress than at the start of your harp journey.
  • I already have a teacher. Many of the harpists in our program find that with the support of our exclusive system and their master coach to help them implement it, they make much faster progress than with just their regular teacher. Their teachers have told us that too!
  • Will this program take a lot of extra time? Your program is tailored for you. If you usually practice 30 minutes a day, 5 days per week, we will structure your program for that amount of time. The purpose of this program is not to have you spend more time practicing; it is to help you achieve your goals in the time you have.
  • I’m a therapy/folk harpist. Will this help me? Whatever kind of harp or harp music you play, you need the same foundational skills in technique and musicianship. Also, like any harpist, you likely have unsuspected gaps in your learning that are slowing your progress. Our coaches are experts at spotting the gaps and helping you fill them in.
  • I just play for my own pleasure and I don’t really have a goal. Wouldn’t you experience more pleasure in your playing if you could learn music faster and play it more fluidly and expressively? Those sound like goals to me :-)
  • How do I know I can actually achieve my goal? Most harp students don’t have enough experience to know for themselves what goals are attainable in a reasonable time frame. Our certified coaches and I have done this many times. That’s why we set goals together with you. You don’t have to do this by yourself.
  • This seems like it will mean a lot of extra work for me.  Actually, the harpists in our program often report that their practice is so much more efficient and effective that they can work less and accomplish more. And their practice is more enjoyable too!
  • What makes these coaches Harp Mastery® Certified Coaches? These are experienced coaches and harpists who have been trained by Anne to teach using the system she developed over many years. They are the only coaches trained personally by Anne, and they are dedicated to your success.

Meet the Coaches

Candace Lark-Masucci

Teaching to me means helping students pursue their passion in the most successful way. It means helping students understand the power of learning and mastering a skill. Teaching to me means sharing the excitement, joy, and fun of learning while continuing my teacher’s legacy. What I enjoy the most about teaching is learning. I have students from age 4 to 88, and some of my students have special needs. I am always seeking new and different ways to approach music with them. My students are constantly teaching me to be a better teacher, and I love it. I want to pass on to my students the power of quality practice. Quality practice means practicing with a plan, being present and not hyper-focusing on the goal, it also means enjoying the process. When I learned this from my teacher it made me excited to practice, and more confident. I was so surprised (and still am sometimes) about what I accomplished. I want my students to feel the same way.


A native of the Philadelphia area, Candace began her harp studies with Mary Anne Coppa at Settlement Music School Philadelphia, later continuing her studies with Anne Sullivan. She attended the prestigious Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts, and went on to earn her Bachelor of Music degree at Arcadia University (Glenside, PA) in Music Performance and Special Education.

Candace’s interest in education led her to found her own music studio, Lark Music, where she has been teaching harp and piano for the past 20 years.

She works with young students, preparing them for competitions, concerts, and college, but particularly enjoys working with adult students, seeking to give them the skills they need to enjoy playing the harp. During the summer you can find Candace coaching and mentoring students with Anne Sullivan at Harp In The Mountains Summer Festival.

As a performing harpist, Candace enjoys playing in local orchestras, ensembles, and theaters in the tri-state area. Her blog The Happy Musician gives musicians advice and guidance on keeping happiness in their art.

Caitlin Mehrtens

Private music lessons are a very unique kind of learning experience. Weekly meetings with a musical mentor provide an environment that isn’t found in most other fields, with highly specialized instruction and a personal educational relationship. Having taken these lessons myself for over 20 years, I've learned just how valuable that relationship can be.

I know what it feels like to play music that I love, and through teaching I can take such joy in watching my students achieve that same feeling. The individuality in each student's ambitions, strengths, and perspectives makes teaching creative and educational for me.

I feel lucky to have worked with some incredible teachers, and it is an honor to pass along what I’ve learned from them. I’ve been especially thankful for the solid foundation of technique that they gave me. Now I prioritize it in my own teaching because it allows for efficient learning, greater facility, and it can even prevent injury!

Most importantly, I love playing music. Being able to share that and help students grow is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a musician.


Caitlin Mehrtens is a harpist based in Houston, TX.  A prolific concerto soloist, she has performed most recently with the Akademisches Orchester in Leipzig, Germany at the Gewandhaus, and also with the National Repertory Orchestra, Texas Music Festival Orchestra, Ocean City Pops Orchestra, Oberlin Mozart Players, and Orchestra Society of Philadelphia.

Caitlin is equally at home as an orchestral musician, performing with many professional ensembles including the Spokane Symphony, Mississippi Symphony, Colorado Springs Philharmonic, and Fort Wayne Philharmonic.  She is also an avid supporter and performer of contemporary art.  Most prominently, she is now the Production Manager and Harpist for Loop38 (www.loop38.org), a contemporary music ensemble bringing new music to the heart of Houston.  Caitlin holds degrees from both Rice University's Shepherd School of Music and the Oberlin Conservatory of Music, studying under Yolanda Kondonassis and Paula Page, respectively.  When she’s not playing the harp, she can probably be found enjoying the outdoors, listening to music with friends, or daydreaming about dogs.

Naomi Hoffmeyer

To me, teaching is an essential part of a musical life. The connection between a teacher and student is a very special thing. I was lucky to experience this connection with several wonderful teachers during my years of training, and now relish being able to share this bond with my own students. Every session is an opportunity to share a distillation of what I have learned and am continuing to refine in my own practice at the harp.

Two of the core components that I want to share with my students are rhythm and relaxation. You won’t get far without them! I help my students build the technical foundation they need to be able to make the music in their hearts come alive on the harp. My goal is for my students to learn to trust their inner voices, and to have the tools they need to develop those ideas in productive practice and ultimately express them through their music.


Naomi Hoffmeyer is a freelance artist and educator based in Houston. As an educator, Naomi maintains a private studio and is a co-director of the Houston Youth Harp Ensemble.

Naomi was appointed the Principal Harpist of both the California and Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestras in 2013, and has performed as a guest musician with ensembles including the Houston Symphony and Ballet, as well as the San Francisco Symphony and Ballet.

Naomi received her Master of Music and Artist Diploma Degrees with Paula Page at Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music. She also trained under Douglas Rioth and Ann Hobson Pilot at the San Francisco and New England Conservatories. In addition to her conservatory studies, she credits much of her musical and personal development to her time spent at the Interlochen Arts Academy.

While maintaining an active musical schedule, Naomi is an enthusiast of the culinary arts and holds a degree in Pâtisserie and Baking from the California Culinary Academy. She grew up in the Shenandoah Valley, and spends her spare time hiking, reading, and helping her cat Fiona live her best life.

Kristina Finch

As a student, I was been fortunate enough to learn under some of the kindest, most generous, and supportive teachers in our community. At every turn, even at my lowest musical points, these women found ways to lift me up, encourage me, and push me to be better in every aspect of my life. It is these teachers that inspire the most essential element of my teaching style. I find that all students, regardless of age or background, can find benefits and incredible growth through building a relationship with someone whose primary agenda is to create an environment for learning through positive reinforcement. In each interaction with students, my primary goal is to help them find a positive path toward reaching their individual goals. Beyond being just generally wonderful people, these teachers also instilled in me an appreciation and understanding for the foundational elements of the technical and musical parts of playing the harp. My goal with any student is to help them reach their goals in a fun and supportive environment that will leave them feeling inspired to continue their musical journey!


Harpist Kristina Finch is a model of an independent modern musician based in Hattiesburg, MS. Versatile and flexible in all settings Kristina is constantly striving to connect with new and diverse audiences using classical training and a passion for popular music to defy expectations and expand perceptions of the harp. Kristina holds a Doctorate in Music Performance and Literature and Bachelor of Music Degree from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY and a Master of Music Degree from Florida State University. Kristina is an adjunct professor of music at the University of Southern Mississippi, a RYT/200 Yoga Teacher, a contributor to Harp Column Magazine, and the host/creator of “Harp Column Podcast.”

Want to Plan Ahead?

Since registration priority is given to our current students, we typically only have a few spots available for new students in each session. If for some reason we don't have a space for you in our upcoming session, there are three sessions offered each year and you can join our "First to Know" list by clicking the button below to gain early access to registration for upcoming sessions. You will be notified before registration opens to the general public so you have first access to those limited spots.

Here is our 2024 Trimester Schedule:

  • Winter Trimester: January 8, 2024
  • Spring Trimester: May 13, 2024
  • Fall Trimester: September 16, 2024
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