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#079: Playing from an Attitude of Gratitude

music and meaning Nov 21, 2022

This Thursday we will celebrate Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and it’s a big deal for us. According to a recent survey Thanksgiving edges out all other holidays, including Christmas, ranking as our most popular holiday. It’s really about three things: food, family and football. Oh right. It’s about being thankful too.

We try to be more intentional about keeping an “attitude of gratitude” at this time of year, but it isn’t easy. Thanksgiving also is the official kick off for the holiday shopping season, so the thankfulness is often tinged with a touch of frenzy as the Black Friday sales begin.

I’m sure you’re receiving plenty of reminders to be thankful this Thanksgiving but I wanted to add a special harp-themed reminder. 

My idea actually grew out of the Play It With Confidence Intensive from just a few weeks ago. We spent a lot of time in that course talking about mindset and choosing what matters to us in our playing. For me and for many of our Intensive participants, that mindset shift was powerful. Suddenly, playing the harp wasn’t about self-consciousness and fear, and practicing the harp wasn’t about the impossible quest for perfection. 

One story I shared on the Intensive really resonated with a lot of the harpists on one of our Intensive calls. It was a moment where someone who heard my music expressed appreciation in a way that left a lasting impression. And it wasn’t in response to a recital or an amazing performance, just background music. Today I want to read the actual note that was given to me that day, plus I have another story of musical gratitude that I hope will touch and inspire you.

But today’s episode is about more than just remembering special musical moments in our harp journey. It’s about incorporating a sense of gratitude in our daily harp lives, in ways that will keep the frustration away and let the harp happiness shine. 

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