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#041: Your Questions Answered: Questions From The Podcast Email

Today’s show is dedicated to you, the podcast listener. I have gathered some of the most interesting questions from our podcast inbox and I will be answering them in this episode. 

After all, advice is only good if it’s the advice you need when you need it. Obviously, a podcast isn’t the same as individual instruction, or having your harp teacher on speed dial, but it’s important to me to talk about the topics that matter to you, those things that will make a difference in your harp playing. That’s one of the reasons I like to give you an action step or two with each podcast. Taking action, doing something rather than just talking about it, is how progress happens. It’s how we grow. Just think; if we only talked about practicing and never actually did it, our harp playing would never improve. In fact, it would start to wither and die. 

If being a harpist - or harper if that’s more “you” - is part of who you are, then playing the harp, not just talking about it, or thinking, or planning, or journaling about it, is what you do. So while here on the podcast, all we can really do is to talk about it, I want to be sure that when you take those earbuds out, you have something that you feel energized and inspired to do. And I hope the questions and answers coming up on the show will motivate you in your practice today. 

Here are some of today’s topics:

  • Would following a music exam system benefit me? And how do I get started?
  • I’m a beginner and I need help with my music reading.
  • Managing quick lever and pedal changes.
  • How to simplify an arrangement that’s a little too challenging for you.Yes - there are some step by step things you can do for this and they can make the difference between having a piece you can play or having another piece that you stick in a file for later!

Plus, I will share a couple of my favorite tips for brand new harp players.

Links to things I think you might be interested in that were mentioned in the podcast episode: 

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