The Harp Mastery® Mission

At Harp Mastery
® we believe we are on the face of this planet to teach others to play the harp, continuing the legacy of those who taught us and the traditions of those master harpists. We are constantly focusing on revealing possibilities for harpists who may not see what is achievable for them and helping them realize their potential.

We believe harpists must make music on their own terms, not someone else’s, and we encourage and support them in their quest to do that. We believe we can empower every harpist to find fulfillment and joy in their harp playing.

We are committed to personalized instruction whether in group or one-on-one settings. We are dedicated to fostering connections with and among our students and throughout the wider harp community. We are committed to excellence in how we meet the needs of our students, providing focused instruction and direction with generosity, encouragement and positivity.