But when I was in college at the Curtis Institute of Music, I had a total harp meltdown. Nothing I did went well, my lessonsd were horrible and my teacher was threatening to kick me out of school. And nobody seemed to be able to tell me what to do to fix things.

That was when I made a lot of discoveries, not only about myself and my playing, but about how we learn, how we need to practice, what kind of practice gets results, and the precise skills we need to play the harp with technical fluency and meaningful musicality. I also found that I love to teach these things to other harpists, to share what I have learned from my teachers and from my own experience, and to help them enjoy playing the harp as much as I do.

By the way, here’s the rest of that story: I fixed my playing over the course of a summer, my teacher entered me in all kinds of national and international competitions, and I not only graduated from Curtis but taught music theory and ear training there for nineteen years. Not bad for having nearly been tossed out of school.


Harp Mastery isn’t about a particular level of achievement, playing the world’s hardest piece or one certain kind of music.

Harp Mastery is about playing the harp the way you want, so your daily practice is rewarding, so you make progress and you can play the music you want to play in a way that satisfies and enriches you. Harp Mastery is about harp happiness.

And creating more harp happiness for more harpists is my personal quest.

Here are a couple of my favorite harp happiness stories:

Anne, you are the greatest blessing that has ever been bestowed on my harp! You have no idea how much I struggled with, for eons. Now, I am learning how to play the harp from you from the “inside out.” Progress is happening and will continue—thanks to you. – Fran

Anne’s Mastery Program is absolutely just what I needed and is wonderful. She shares so much information, tips, demonstrations that have helped me to re-capture my love of the harp. I am so thankful to have this opportunity. Anne is an excellent teacher in every sense of the word. – Suzanne