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What’s Your Level?

How to Know Where Your Harp Playing Is Now
and How to Move Up

Hosted by Anne Sullivan, Harp Happiness Expert

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Beginner? Advanced Beginner? Lower Intermediate? Upper Intermediate? Advanced?

The terms we use to describe different stages of harp study are anything but clear. There are no definite lines or boundaries, no certificates or graduation ceremonies. There’s no objective way to measure the progress you’re making or to know if you’re on track or just practicing in circles.

On this free webinar you’ll learn what those artificial designations really mean - and what they don’t. And you’ll come away with the plan you need to that next level of harp playing for you - whatever you decide to call it.

You’ll discover:

  • The natural progression of harp skills - that no one tells you about.
  • How to figure out which skills you should be working on right now.
  • How to look at a piece of harp music and see if it’s at your level, regardless of what level it claims to be.

Even better - you’ll find out why what you think you know about the skills you need may be completely wrong! 

Don’t waste another moment practicing the wrong things - let’s find out where you are now and what you should  be doing to play the harp the way you want.

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Ps. There’s no hype on this webinar, no sales pitches, no limited time offers. Just really good information, free for you. So don’t miss out!