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#006: Minor Keys [A Scale of a Different Color]

 Have you ever thought of your music as having colors?  Or thought about a color difference between major and minor? 

Maybe to you a minor key is just another key.

But to me a minor key is so much more. As a musician, I first learned to listen critically with minor keys. As a teacher, I have seen that minor keys (much more so than major keys) open the door to understanding music theory. And as a harpist, I appreciate minor keys for the creativity they allow me, again more than major keys. And I love the way minor sounds, its tonal color.

Today's episode isn’t just about the facts of minor but also its color - what makes minor sound like minor and what makes it sometimes sound almost like major. Major and minor are more closely related than you might think. But it’s not all rainbow talk today. 

You will also learn: 

  • My 3 number system for making sense of minor key signatures and scales.
  • The 5 essential minor keys for harpists to know.  (c,g,d,a,e)
  • How studying minor keys can improve your sight reading, your musical hearing, and your improvisation. 

Plus, when you listen, you’ll have access to a FREE masterclass and a discount on one of my newest courses.

Join me as I introduce you to the different colors of minor and how they can help you read, hear and play the harp better.

Links to things I think you might be interested in that were mentioned in the podcast episode: 


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