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Build, Extend, Advance

The Technique Course You SHOULD Have Had Years Ago

  • Do your fingers sometimes fail you?
  • Do you wish you could learn to play faster, more smoothly and more evenly?
  • Is your technique - or lack of technique - preventing you from playing the music you want?

Build, Extend Advance is a technique course that I have designed as a 21-day challenge. You see, while technique maintenance is something we harpists always need to do, from time to time we need to go deeper, back to the critical building blocks of harp technique and then to intentionally extend those concepts and finally to advance our skills. All it takes is a relatively short period of time and the right focus.

This challenge is like a spa vacation for your technique. With just 15 short, easy-to-follow lessons and 4 LIVE virtual seminars, you can refresh and rejuvenate your technique (or build it from scratch, if that’s where you are!) as well as advance to the next level or beyond.

Here’s how it works:

  • Build Phase: June 1 - 7
  • Extend Phase: June 8-14
  • Advance Phase: June 15 - 21
  • Next Steps Seminar and Q&A: June 28

Each phase has 4 lessons, each with an instructional video, a play-along/demonstration video and printable sheet music, plus a “Refresher Etude” to help you review all the material covered in that phase.

The challenge is designed so you can work at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed or having to check in online daily.

All the lessons for each phase are released on the first day of that phase so you can access them on your own schedule. Want to work ahead? Go for it! Need to take a day off? No problem! At the end of each phase I will hold a live seminar and workshop where we review the concepts for that phase and I answer your questions live!

Then, one week after the challenge officially ends, you’re invited back to a Next Steps Seminar where I will teach you everything you need to know about implementing what you’ve learned in the challenge.

It's time to get your technique to where you want it to be - join the challenge and finally make the progress you been striving for!