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#057: The Success Habit: How to Fuel Your Courage, Confidence and Creativity

What is success when it comes to harp playing? And is it something you’re really interested in anyway?

Success is a loaded word. It’s easy to imagine success only in terms of applause, record deals and bouquets of flowers, even if we know that’s a Hollywood-style illusion. Even considering success from a more realistic perspective, you may not feel that success is what you’re looking for in your harp playing. Your goals may not include winning competitions or playing solo recitals or making CDs. I want to challenge your idea of success on today’s show, to show you how your success is more important to you than you may think and that it is the single most important factor in your harp happiness. If that sounds difficult, let me reassure you right now. It’s much easier than you think and quite possibly more rewarding than you have imagined.

I want to share a quote from Albert Schweitzer, a theologian and musicologist as well as an organist, and famous for his edition of the keyboard works of JS Bach. “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.”

I love the way Schweitzer connects success and happiness. For us harpists, that kind of happiness isn’t just the happiness we feel when we play well. It is finding happiness in the work we must do in order to play well. If we dread our practice or feel guilty about it or feel like we’re going around in circles and not making progress, we are off the success path. 

Success, or at least the kind of fulfilling success we want, doesn’t need to involve gritting your teeth and grinding out another practice session. That’s actually the wrong way to go about it. 

Success is something that can and should be a daily part of your harp life. It is built with small steps of courage, confidence and creativity. And the more small steps you take, the more success you build. You can think about these steps as daily wins, if you like, and today we’ll talk about how you can create those wins consistently by fueling your courage, confidence and creativity. This is about finding the fun in your practice, not in a way that avoids the hard work, but in a way that allows you to renew your love of the harp no matter how hard you’re working.

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