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#009: Fingers on the Strings [Pointers for Placing]

Placing is the first thing we learn when we start playing the harp. After our first glissando, after we find middle C, our first discovery is that we must suspend our hands in mid-air and that placing is how we stay physically connected to our instrument. But placing brings its own set of challenges.

Are you a “Last Minute Letty,” getting on the right strings at the last second?

Maybe you are a “Not Ready Yet Nellie,” and you make the music wait while you find the right strings.

Or maybe you are a “Fumbling Freddy,” struggling to make your placing clean and correct.

The tips I share In this podcast episode will help you fix your placing issues and learn to help your fingers find the right strings, on time, every time.

You’ll discover:

  • The real purpose of placing, 
  • How to practice proper placing easily,
  • The “Rule of Ones,” my golden rule of placing, and
  • The magical marking that makes it all work.

Let’s get your fingers on the strings!

Links to things I think you might be interested in that were mentioned in the podcast episode: 


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