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Cool Down Properly: Your Best 5 Minutes of Practice

What do you do to begin your practice sessions?

I’m certain you have a routine to warm up your fingers and your focus, one that helps you prepare to do your best work and to play beautiful music. You probably have given much thought to this and carefully crafted it to serve you well.

Have you given as much thought to how you finish a practice session? You may not have considered the last few minutes of your practice as anything special; when your time is up, you put the harp down and get on to your next activity.

I believe that the last few minutes of your practice can be extremely powerful if you use them well. They can help you consolidate the progress you made that session, so you retain what you learned and can pick up the threads quickly the next day. They can refresh your mind, body and spirit after the intense focus of practice. And those last few minutes can actually make you look forward to your next practice session with renewed spirit and energy.

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