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#012: Three Steps to More Confidence [And Better Harp Playing]

Confidence isn’t something you're born with; it’s something you build. It’s gradually formed from experience. It’s bolstered with successes and sharpened with failures. If lack of confidence is holding you back, you have the whole thing backwards.

In this episode of the show, I’ll share some of my own struggles with self-confidence and the experiences which helped me grow and get stronger. I’ve also helped many students feel more confident in their harp playing and I will show you how you can follow those same steps on your own.

You will discover:

  • The hidden dangers of the “comfort zone.”
  • That it’s not really a lack of confidence that is holding you back.
  • How you can feel more confident when you can’t see any reason why you should.
  • The two most powerful words for building your confidence.

Are you feeling more confident already?

There’s no need to worry. I’m right beside you. Let’s do this!

Links to things I think you might be interested in that were mentioned in the podcast episode: 


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