Waltz of the Flowers Cadenza Challenge

Four Weeks to a Flawless Cadenza Whatever Your Playing Level

The challenge is closed. Please keep an eye out for future challenges!

Have you ever wished you could play the beautiful Waltz of the Flowers Cadenza but it always seemed beyond your reach? 

This season your Nutcracker dreams can come true with our new Waltz of the Flowers Cadenza Challenge!

This cadenza is a favorite of harpists and harp lovers, but it isn’t easy to play, and if you’re not an expert harpist, the sheer number of notes on the page might scare you away.

But this cadenza doesn’t have to frighten you any longer. 

I have designed the Cadenza Challenge for pedal and lever harpists of every level. There are three different versions of the cadenza, an easy version, an intermediate and an advanced; one is certain to be the right one for you. 

The Challenge had its roots in a course I designed years ago for my students who needed to learn the cadenza to play with an orchestra. I discovered it was possible to help students learn the cadenza more quickly by concentrating on three specific aspects of the cadenza in turn.

  • First, I had my students start with the structure, to learn how the cadenza is put together, to understand and practice the key patterns. 
  • Next we worked on the two essential technical skills: playing fluid and even arpeggios and creating a smooth and balanced thumb melody.
  • Finally, we focused on the phrasing and dynamics, turning the cadenza into a stunning and effortless-sounding showcase for the harp.  

Our Cadenza Challenge uses the same format. I also added a fourth week to add a little extra polish and secure it for performance. Each week of the challenge reveals a new set of four short lessons and a review lesson, each with its own video and instructions. We will start the week with a live workshop call and I will teach you all the drills and practice techniques for the week. All the sheet music and drills you will need is included for you to download. 

NOTE: Although the cadenza version for each level of the challenge is different, we will all be using the same techniques and tactics. The path to learning the cadenza is the same; it is only the music that is different.

Here is our Challenge schedule:

  • Start With The Structure: November 1 - 7
  • Flexible Fingers and Tuneful Thumbs: November 8-14
  • Phrasing Pirouettes: November 15 - 21
  • Cracking The Nutcracker Code Webinar: November 22

The challenge is designed so you can work at your own pace without feeling overwhelmed or having to check in online daily. All the lessons for each week are released on the first day of that week so you can access them on your own schedule. Want to work ahead? Go for it! Need to take a day off? No problem! 

However you pace yourself during the week, if you move along with us week by week, you will be able to impress your friends - and maybe amaze yourself too! - with a beautiful Waltz of the Flowers cadenza just in time for the holidays!

Plus, included in the Challenge is my brand-new version of the Waltz of the Flowers waltz (in easy, intermediate and advanced versions of course!) to go along with your cadenza. This isn’t published anywhere else; it’s just for the Challengers!

Waltz of the Flowers Cadenza Challenge

A flawless cadenza just in time for the holidays.