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Two-Step Chord Theory for Harpists

The Simple Way to Read, Place and Play Chords Accurately and Confidently Without Being a Music Theory Genius

Many harpists struggle to read and place chords quickly and accurately. This hinders their learning, makes practice a chore and causes them to avoid pieces that have too many chords. 

Most theory courses don’t help all that much. It takes too long for the knowledge you learn to connect with your playing, and this can leave you feeling more frustrated than before. Just reading the finger shapes isn’t quite helpful enough,  but trying to think about all the theory while you’re practicing makes progress grind to a halt.

There are really only two steps harpists need to follow to make their chord playing more effortless. You don’t have to take an extensive music theory course and you don’t have to spend hours trying to sort through theoretical terminology. It’s the way you should have been taught chords in the first place.

On this webinar, you will discover:

  • Why most of what you know about chords isn’t helpful and is probably  slowing you down.
  • How to read chords in a way that makes practical and musical sense.
  • How to use the essential characteristics of a chord to identify it accurately and place it quickly.
  • My never-before-published chord drills that will instantly accelerate your chord reading and playing.

One more point - if you have ever been confused trying to play from a lead \sheet, you won’t want to miss my special lead sheet secret tips!

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