Crush the Rush

15 Ways to Banish Holiday Harp Stress and Actually Enjoy Your Playing

Hosted by Anne Sullivan

Harp Mastery® founder and Chief Harp Happiness Officer

Let's get real - you need a break!

No, this isn’t about lighting a candle or going to a spa (although both of those sound AWESOME!). This is about how to prevent the holiday frenzy from infecting your harp playing.

You play the harp because it’s relaxing and beautiful, right? But it’s easy to get tense and stressed in your practice when you have all the other pressures of the holidays clamoring for your energy and attention.

- Maybe you have holiday music you need to practice but you can’t get your mind to focus.
- Or maybe the Christmas carols you planned to play at church aren’t going to be ready in time.
- Perhaps you know you need to practice your holiday music but you can’t seem to muster any enthusiasm for them.
- Or is it that there just isn’t enough time to feel like your music is really polished and secure?

Your hands feel frozen, your fingers are tied up in knots and your brain is numb. HELP! 

Fear not! On this timely training call, you will discover 15 ways you can instantly calm your harp playing AND still get your music ready in time. For instance, you’ll discover how to:

  • Practice holiday music you know too well. (Can you actually know something too well? YES, you can!)
  • Finish that piece that still isn’t ready - without staying up late to do extra practice!
  • Keep your music that you’ve spent months preparing fresh and ready to play in 15 minutes a day.
  • Have one piece that you play just for you, to make your holidays even more meaningful.

I have so many great tips to share, but because I know you’re busy, our call will only take an hour - I promise! And if you can’t be there live, I’ll send you a replay you can watch when you’re ready.

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