3 “Good” Practice Habits That Are Keeping You From Playing the Way You Want and How to Break Them

Hosted by Anne Sullivan, founder of Harp Mastery and expert in helping harpists find Harp Happiness


How your practicing may actually be preventing you from playing beautifully and performing well.


The ONE THING you can do today to start playing the music you love the way you want to play it.


My step by step system for creating more musical playing as well as “crash-proof” performances.

You Love Your Piece, So Why Can’t You Play It?

You’ve practiced it until you hear it in your dreams. You’ve sweated every single note. So why does it still fall apart when you try to play it for someone? Why does it feel like you’ve never seen it before?

In this online masterclass, I show you how your practice may actually be sabotaging your playing. That’s right – some of those good habits you’ve been careful to develop may be working against you when it comes to playing your music. The good news is that you don’t have to start over; you just need to follow these simple steps to start to play more reliably, more musically and more confidently in any situation.

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