Don't Go It Alone

If you’re a harpist feeling frustrated by a lack of progress and you‘ve run out of ideas to fix it, it’s time to stop going it alone.

You can learn the harp at your own pace and start enjoying your harp playing again, without having to figure out what to do next or trying to answer all your questions yourself.

My Harp Mastery has it all figured out for you.

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Is This You?

  • You are learning and growing as a harpist but you aren’t sure of your next steps.
  • You’ve been playing for a while but you feel like you’ve gotten stuck.
  • You’re practicing - but not seeing results from your hard work.
  • You feel isolated without other harpists or a teacher around you.
  • You find it difficult to stay motivated and connected to your harp.
  • You want to learn new music and new skills and have some expert advice to guide you.

When you’re ready to “fill in all the holes” and speed up your learning, My Harp Mastery has the proven system and expert help you need to build a solid technical and musical foundation, learn your music faster and play it with more confidence. 

The first step in the system is the Scale of Success.

The My Harp Mastery® Scale of Success

If you’re the type of harpist who wants to know they’ve checked all the boxes and put all the pieces of harp playing in place in a systematic way so you can make steady progress, then the Scale of Success is for you.

  • Simple assignments in each of the 5 growth areas - Practice, Technique, Musicianship, Repertoire and Sharing.
  • Progress plans designed so you can play your music your way.
  • Online "final exams" you take on your own, so you can see and celebrate the progress you're making.


You'll gain clarity on what you need to be doing next in order to advance and exactly how to do it with step-by-step progress plans and assessments to check your growth.


You’ll love the Simplicity - It’s a complete system that provides the direction and support you need, whatever your harp goal or your current skill level.


This isn’t a learning system I invented - it’s a long-standing proven one that I organized and laid out so that every harpist can take advantage of the power of this centuries-old learning process.

What is Harp Happiness?

Answers to Questions

It’s hard to find your direction by yourself, especially in uncharted territory. You need a reliable source for the answers to all your harp questions.

Get Feedback

Feedback should be honest, helpful and personal. It should help you toward your own goals, your dreams and fit your style. And it should come from someone you trust.

Support Community

In a group of like-minded harpists, you will find support, accountability, encouragement, exchange of ideas, and creative energy, exactly what you need to stay motivated.

If you are the type of harpist who wants to take things a little easier at your own pace, but still know that you’re moving forward and learning new things, My Harp Mastery has you covered there, too.

What's Inside?

  • Monthly Seminars and Workshops where we work together on a skill, technique or piece.
  • Featured Pieces that each include inspiring video introductions and simple, actionable steps that will kick your harp playing and musicianship.


Weekly LIVE Q & A sessions so that you can ask me anything you want and get the live assistance, support, and encouragement you need to stay on track, eliminate confusion, and make the most of your practice time!


Our private members-only forum where you can communicate with your new harp buddies 24/7.

You Began Playing the Harp...

...because you wanted to experience the sense of fulfillment, joy, creativity, and satisfaction of making music and sharing it with others.

There's a world-wide community of My Harp Mastery members who want that for you too.

Whichever path is right for you, you’ll have the confidence that comes from knowing that you don’t have to figure it out yourself. You know you’re on the right track to harp happiness.

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“I have been reflecting on my “harp activities” since becoming involved with Harp Mastery and it seems that my life use to just be “harp lesson and practice” and now it has bloomed into lessons, practice, Monday Podcasts, Monday harp meetings, Scales of Success, concerts, books, articles, sharing my harp with family and the list goes on and on…..I just seem to be finding harp opportunities everywhere.”

- Robyn B.

How Much Does It Cost?

Here's a different question: How much have you already spent?

You've already invested in your playing by buying an instrument (maybe more than one!) and taking lessons and classes. If you're still not playing the way you want, if you want to make progress faster, if you want help figuring out that new technique or deciphering that new piece, then My Harp Mastery is the easiest and most cost-effective way to achieve your goals.

For just $47 per month, less than the cost of a single harp lesson, you have access to all the courses inside My Harp Mastery, PLUS, the popular Etude a Day Course and my Kaleidoscope Practice Book. And you can cancel your membership at any time - no hassles!

Harp Happiness isn't an unattainable goal.

It's simply learning to play the harp the way you've always wanted. And My Harp Mastery makes it personal.

My Harp Mastery is about playing your music, your way.

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