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“As a young harpist, I was always hungry for more harp playing adventures. The ones I cherished most were the times I spent with other harpists my age. Those opportunities were scarce - summer camp and maybe in youth orchestra. But I loved being around kids like me who understood me.

They felt the same way about music and about the harp and they got it.

That’s what Harp Quest is - a learning, playing, fun time for young harpists, ages 8 to 18, to be together. Because it’s virtual, it’s accessible no matter where you live, and easy - no harp moving!

I hope you will encourage your young harpist to join us at Harp Quest. Their adventure is just beginning!”

- Anne Sullivan, Harp Mastery® founder

What is Harp Quest?

Harp Quest is a supplementary program for young harpists, ages 8 to 18. It is not harp lessons, but is an ideal supplement to lessons. It is an opportunity for young harpists to meet, learn and play together in a relaxed, supportive online experience.

Harp Quest continues the 15-year mission of our Harp in the Mountains Summer Camp: to inspire students to improve their harp playing and musical skills while having fun making music and spending time with other harpists. Through the online Harp Quest programs, young students will be able to connect and collaborate with other harp students around the world.


Each Virtual Mini-Camp is a two-hour interactive online experience where you and other harp students will learn, play and have fun together. Your instructors will lead you in at-the-harp workshops, games and ensemble.

Another important part of the Harp Quest Mini-Camp experience is the opportunity to collaborate on a compositional project. The instructors guide your group through a themed project in each mini-camp. Creating and performing your own group composition is way cooler than most regular camp art projects!

Here’s What Your Mini-Camp Experience Will Look Like:

Adventure and Immersion

Dive into a harp-related topic with an at-the-harp learning session.

Arts and Crafts

Explore the art and craft of music through our collaborative composition created right in the mini-camp session.

Team Spirit

Playing the harp is even better when you are playing well with others. It’s ensemble playing, Harp Quest style.

Fun and Games

We won’t forget music-related games and group activities, because every harp mini-camp should be fun!


Keep an eye on this page for future mini-camp dates!

Continue Your Learning at Harp in the Mountains

Harp in the Mountains is a one-week summer immersive harp experience for harpists ages 13 to 20 held in in beautiful Central Pennsylvania. If you're looking for an opportunity to learn, play and have fun with other young harpists this summer, this is the place to do it! 

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Playing the harp is more than just daily practice; it is about stretching yourself to be more creative and more focused, exploring music and the harp, and enjoying your accomplishments. In my years of teaching, I have seen students discover the joy of making music with friends. I have seen harp camp turn good harp students into musical leaders, and transform shy or reluctant students into young harpists excited about their harp playing. I have seen camp buddies develop into lifelong musical colleagues. My goal is to give every young harpist the opportunity for that kind of transformation; that’s why we developed Harp Quest.



Teaching to me means helping students pursue their passion in the most successful way. It means helping students understand the power of learning and mastering a skill. It means sharing the excitement, joy, and fun of learning while continuing my teacher’s legacy. It's important that my students recognize the power of quality practice: practicing with a plan, being present, and enjoying the process. Learning this from my teacher, my practice became more rewarding. I grew more confident and excited about the process of harp practice. I was so surprised and excited (still am sometimes) about what I accomplished. I want my students to feel the same way.

Make this fall the season you learn and connect with other harpists your age. This is a unique opportunity that you won’t find anywhere else.

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