Play It With Confidence, a LIVE 5-Day Intensive with Anne Sullivan 

Starting Wednesday, October 26th, I’ll help you change the way you prepare your music for performance forever. I’ll teach you: 

  • The five elements your piece must have to be ready to play,
  • How to make the crucial focus shift between practicing and performing and, 
  • How to get over the fear of making mistakes - or worse - in performance.

Quit wondering if you’re ready and start playing your music with confidence. My “cut the fluff” process doesn’t take months or years. You'll learn all you need to know in one short week - just in time for holiday music-making!


Get Out Your Calendar!

Here’s What to Expect Starting October 26th:

Why no live calls on Thursday?

Because learning only happens when you put concepts into action. There’s going to be A LOT  of learning in this intensive and I want to be sure that you have time to try out these strategies before our special Masterclass on Friday.

Time to Decide!




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Whether you are preparing for holiday performances and want to be sure your pieces are ready or you’re thinking about playing for others for the very first time, you want …

…Your music to flow seamlessly from beginning to end, creating a meaningful experience for your listeners and for you too!

…To feel confident that you’ve prepared properly so you don’t have to worry about a slip up - or an epic fail.

…To relax and enjoy making beautiful music, which is why you started playing the harp in the first place.

But here’s the problem...

Playing for others can be unbelievably intimidating – especially when you haven’t done it very often, or ever. You’re worried that you might not be prepared enough, that your playing may not be good enough (that one’s a killer!) or that you might be so nervous that you can’t play anything at all.

So here’s what I want to say to you: I know from experience that while playing in public can be scary, there is no more rewarding part of your musical journey. You fell in love with the harp because someone played it for you. It’s only natural to pay it forward and offer your own music to others. I can tell you it is a great joy to know that your music has touched another human being, and the good news is - it doesn’t have to be perfect!

But I know it’s nerve-racking.

Trust me... I get it.

I’ve been playing the harp in public since I was 12 - and believe me, that’s a long time ago!

I’ve had performances that I felt terrific about, and ones where I just wanted to go home and hide my head under the covers. Those were the learning experiences for sure!

And those “learning experiences” gave me tons of insight into how to prepare a piece properly. (Surprise - it’s not just about learning the notes!) I also learned the important focus change that needs to happen when you perform, and it’s one that your usual practice doesn’t prepare you for.

There was a lot more that I learned and I learned much of it the hard way.

But you don’t have to.

If you’re willing to commit to changing some of your practice habits, to being open to new ways of thinking about performing, to learning what I have to teach you and to implementing it, I promise to reward your passion with the most powerful strategies for creating that “cushion of confidence” that will banish your fears about playing for others so you can start sharing your music with expression, flow and joy.


If You Liked My Christmas in July Intensive... You'll love this!

Earlier this year, I held a Christmas in July Challenge and I was astounded! I expected a big response but the eagerness and the excitement for that information blew me away. Afterward I heard from a TON of Challengers that they wanted to go deeper and really prepare their holiday music to play.

And though that challenge was fun…

I have put all the nitty-gritty in THIS Intensive - all the techniques, strategies, tips; and practice plans you need to make your holiday music - or ANY music - sparkle and shine.



  • Preparing music you need to play for the holidays (or anytime!) and you want to be sure it will be ready.
  • Worried about the “what-ifs” of performing - what if you break a string, or lose your place, or you forget how the music goes, or your fingers won’t move - and all you really want is for your playing to make other people happy.
  • At a place where your music has “plateau-ed” and your practice isn’t making the difference you think it should for the time you’re putting in.
  • New to performing for others and you want your first time out to be a joyful musical experience.
  • Ready to love playing your music again!
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By the end of Play It With Confidence, you’ll have:

  • A Plan to take any piece from fumbles to finish - fast!

  • A System for crash-proofing your music - and you -  so that you can relax, play and let your music speak for itself.

  • The “Sharing” Mindset - because playing for others isn’t about you, it’s about the gift.

But above all else...

You’ll walk away from this Intensive knowing how to take these strategies and apply them to any piece you learn - to help you learn it faster, play it more expressively and share it with… you guessed it… Confidence!

And the good news is the more you apply these techniques, the more powerful they are and the more you’ll enjoy playing for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

If You’re Still Scrolling, I Bet You’re Looking For...


$197 Value

Live Coaching Masterclass

Part of feeling confident is having the expert say, “You’re ready.” So on the final day of our Intensive, I’m offering a special two-hour masterclass. Every participant in the Intensive is welcome to attend and I am offering 10 coaching slots - just like an in-person masterclass - to those who want a little personal feedback on their pieces.

Whether you feel ready or not, I urge you to take advantage of this opportunity to test out your piece, or get a little help on a sticky passage or a part of the preparation process that you’re having trouble with. I’m here to give you that individual attention you need so you can play with confidence. You’ll get all the details on how to sign up for one of the 10 masterclass slots when the Intensive begins.

$47 Value

Exclusive Access To Our Online “Confidence Community”

Surround yourself with a community of like-minded dedicated harpists.

Join me and our online community of creative, dedicated and generous harpists for accountability, encouragement and support.

Whether you practice over your morning coffee or your late night chamomile tea, you’ll be able to weigh in with the group for insight and inspiration.

This beats a YouTube video every time.

$47 Value

7 Day Replay Extension

I know you have a life aside from your harp playing.

While you’ll have all of our workshop replays available the day they happen, you’ll have until November 11th – an entire extra week – to watch the replays and lean into the community support as you implement.

With this bonus, you can work at a pace that’s best for you. Perfect!

$47 Value

Three PDF Training Workbooks

Of course you’ll want to take notes, but these workbooks are designed to be references for you long after the Intensive ends. Each workbook is specific to one of the workshops and contains mindset prompts, the relevant practice strategies, plus a 5-day practice plan and practice journal pages.

Why did I go to all this trouble?

Because I want you to apply these techniques going forward to each piece you learn - until you’re confident EVERY time you play.

$47 Value

Confidence Builder Mindset Trainings With Anne

If you've ever tried something — ANYTHING — new, you know how much mindset matters.

What you believe about your playing is as crucial to your success as the rest of your practice. Negative self-talk and perfectionism are devastating, debilitating confidence-killers that often masquerade as “just trying to get it right.” And that’s wrong.

So I'll be going LIVE 4 times during the Intensive with YOU to chat about the mindset shifts we musicians must make to create the confidence we need. I'll share what's worked best for me and some of the musicians I admire most when it comes to creating a positive energy that will support you throughout your harp journey.

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That Means When You Sign Up For Play It With Confidence, A 5-Day LIVE Intensive You Get...

  • Mindset Trainings ($47 Value)

  • Workshop #1: What _R_ Y_U Missing? Practice Everything Your Piece Needs  ($97 Value)

  • Workshop #2: Switch Your Perspective: Build a Bridge Between Practice and Performance ($97 Value)

  • Workshop #3:  Are You There Yet? Proof Positive Your Music Is Ready ($97 Value)

  • Exclusive Access to our Online “Confidence Community” ($47 Value)

  • FREE BONUS Live 2 Hour Coaching Masterclass ($197 Value)

  • FREE 7 Day Replay Extension ($47 Value)

  • FREE PDF Training Workbooks ($47 Value) 




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