5 Days to Freedom 

Have Your Happiest Harp Practice Ever, a LIVE 5-Day Intensive with Anne Sullivan 

Starting Wednesday, February 1st, I’ll help you find the freedom you’ve been looking for in your harp playing. I’ll teach you:

  • How to free yourself from 3 super common (and super sneaky!) practice traps.
  • How to practice and play with the freedom of a child AND the wisdom of an adult.
  • How to feel free to fail…so that you can finally let your music flow.

If you’ve ever been stuck on the harp hamster wheel, trying to practice harder to achieve the results you want, you know that’s a strategy that doesn’t work. You need to know what to do INSTEAD and that’s what you’ll learn in 5 Days to Freedom.


Get Out Your Calendar!

Here’s What to Expect Starting February 1st:

Why no live calls on Thursday?

Because learning only happens when you put concepts into action. There’s going to be A LOT  of learning in this Intensive and I want to be sure that you have time to try out these strategies before our special Test Track Call on Friday.

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Harp practice is our discipline. It’s how we learn and grow as harpists, musicians and creative people. It’s our continuing habit of connection to music and the harp as well as to our inner selves. We expect it to be challenging; the pursuit of excellence engages us. Harp practice should be…

A Predictable Path to Accomplishment free from persistent frustration, unrewarding repetition or lack of progress.

Personally Fulfilling in a way that satisfies your musical sensibilities, your drive to accomplish and your desire to add more beauty to your world.

The Best Part of Every Day, a special time to close the door on your worries and relax in a space of focus, growth, creativity and connection.

Does that sound like your practice?

Imagine your perfect day of harp practice. Your day starts calmly. You feel rested. The weather is beautiful. You have plenty of time with nothing to do except practice your harp. You sit down at the harp with expectations of focused work on music you love. After a rewarding and productive practice session, you get up from the harp refreshed and ready to go on with your day.

If that doesn’t sound like your practice experience, you aren’t alone.

The problem is that although most harpists know when they’re caught in the “practice but no progress” trap, very few harpists know what to do to get out of it. It can start to feel like quicksand, the harder you struggle, the deeper you get. That’s not a happy place, and that’s not what harp playing should be.

So here’s the thing…

If you’re going to get out of the practice quicksand and start seeing progress - and playing your music -  you’re going to need to know what to do INSTEAD.

  • INSTEAD of waiting until it’s ready. (When is that exactly, anyway?)
  • INSTEAD of practicing it 100 times to try to get it correct.
  • INSTEAD of playing it slowly over and over and never getting it up to tempo.
  • INSTEAD of hoping that this time it will stick. 

The fact is if you knew what to do instead of what you’re doing now to achieve the progress and satisfaction you’re looking for, you’d experience your happiest practice day ever. Plus, those happy practice days would add up to happy playing days. 

Now we’re talking.

If turning the tables on your current practice habits sounds like harp freedom to you, I invite you to join me on this 5 Days to Freedom journey. Together we’ll uncover the gaps or inefficiencies (or worse) in your practice system and replace them with the things you need to be doing INSTEAD.


If You Liked My Play It With Confidence Intensive …
You'll love this!

The Play It With Confidence Intensive that I held last year was awesome! 

I knew what a game-changer this could be but I was blown away by the way the students - you might have been one of them! - took immediate action AND saw immediate results. Of course, some skills require more time to truly develop, but the rate of implementation of the concepts I taught in the course was incredible!

Here is what some of the students had to say:

“This Intensive course was packed with wonderful information and I promise to work on it all. You hit so many weaknesses I have been battling for years.” 


“I enjoyed every bit of it! I got so much out of it and have downloaded all the videos to watch over again... thank you Anne (!) for a wonderful course and a focus on a much needed topic for us shy people.”


“I want to thank Anne for providing a practical and fun intensive; it is obvious how much work went into preparation. And, it was so affordable, yet so priceless. THANK YOU.”


Yep, that Intensive was powerful and fun…and this one will be even better.

What’s different about this Intensive?  

Play It With Confidence was focused on mindset and sharing your music with others. This Intensive is about you and what you do in your practice every day. It’s about ACTION. It’s about RESULTS. It’s about recognizing what ISN’T working and starting to implement what WILL.


  • Tired of practicing the same piece and not seeing improvement.
  • Wondering why you never seem to finish the pieces you start.
  • Frustrated by the same mistakes that show up no matter how many times you “fix” them.
  • Endlessly waiting for that piece to be ready so you can play it for others.
  • Ready to break the chains of perpetual practice and finally get to the music!




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By the end of our 5 Days to Freedom Intensive, you’ll have:

  • New Practice Protocols that will keep you from getting stuck and allow you to finish your pieces.
  • My Baby Step/Giant Step System for freeing yourself to learn more like a child. No psycho-babble here, just plain old action steps.
  • Your Test Track Process so that you can be sure that whatever you play is ready.

In a nutshell…

You’ll learn how to leverage what’s already working for you and how to replace what isn’t with strategies and steps that will propel your progress in ways you can see and celebrate. My goal is for you to come away from this Intensive knowing how to spend less time practicing the same notes over and over again, and more time playing the music. It’s really that simple. That’s the key to harp freedom and it’s yours, if you’re ready.

What’s that I hear? It’s you saying, “Yes, I’m ready!”

But wait…there’s more!


$197 Value

Test Track Group Coaching Session

Sometimes the quickest way to learn is by doing. (Does that sound a little like how a child learns?) So I want to give you the opportunity to try out your new strategies and get my help and feedback. Our Test Track Session is a two-hour spotlight coaching call where I will work one-on-one with 10 of our Intensive students for 10 minutes each. Every participant in the Intensive is welcome to attend; sign ups for the coaching spots will be offered once the Intensive begins.

$47 Value

Exclusive Access To Our Online “Freedom Forum”

Our Intensive isn’t just a course; it’s a community where we can all support each other and share this journey together. The Freedom Forum is our private online community, a place for discussion and sharing, like Facebook only without the annoying ads or the cute cat videos. It’s social without being social media. And you’ll have access to our brand-new Harp Mastery® Hub too so you can check out the happenings there in your spare moments.

$47 Value

14 Day Replay Extension

I know you have a life aside from your harp playing.

While you’ll have all of our workshop replays available the day they happen, you’ll have until February 24th – two full weeks – to watch the replays and lean into the community support as you implement.

With this bonus, you can work at a pace that’s best for you. Perfect!

$47 Value

Three PDF Training Workbooks

Of course you’ll want to take notes during the workshops, but these workbooks are designed to be references for you long after the Intensive ends. Each workbook is specific to one of the workshops and contains your note-taking guide for the workshop, a Find Your Freedom Quiz, Implementation Ideas and your Freedom Declaration.

Why did I go to all this trouble? Because I want the information you learn during the Intensive to stick, and I want you to be able to use it over and over again whenever you need it.

$47 Value

Finger Freedom Live Training and PDF Booklet

Okay, harp freedom is also about finger freedom. Knowing how to make the music sing won’t be enough if your fingers aren’t up to the challenge.

So I'll be going LIVE 4 times during the Intensive with YOU to get your fingers moving.

We’ll spend 30 minutes on each of those days focusing on technique, playing finger patterns that will help increase your finger agility, independence and speed.

You’ll have the PDF booklet with all of the drills we will be doing so you can play your favorite drills whenever you want.

Join 5 Days to Freedom and get ALL these bonuses for…




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This Means When You Sign Up For 5 Days to Freedom: How to Free Your Fingers and Your Focus and Get Out Of Your Own Way, a LIVE 5-Day Intensive You Get...

  • Freedom Launch Meetup ($97 Value)

  • Finger Freedom Trainings and PDF ($47 Value)

  • Workshop #1: Practicing Freedom: New Protocols for Purposeful Progress ($97 Value)

  • Workshop #2: Playing Freedom: The Baby Steps/Giant Steps System ($97 Value)

  • Workshop #3: Freedom to Fail: Your Test Track Process ($97 Value)

  • Exclusive Access to our Online “Freedom Forum” ($47 Value)

  • FREE BONUS Live 2 Hour Test Track Group Coaching Session ($197 Value)

  • FREE 15 Day Replay Extension ($47 Value)
    FREE PDF Training Workbooks ($47 Value)




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