What Can $10 Buy You?

A 12oz hot, but not too hot (130 degrees) split shot (½ decaf, ½ regular), sugar-free vanilla, not a lot of syrup (only half a pump) no foam Americano with coconut milk.


One hour of parking downtown.


One pretty plant for your garden.


The big bottle of calamine lotion for the poison ivy you got gardening.

↓   OR   ↓

A LIVE call each week with an expert harpist so you can discover what the pros know and how to apply it in your own harp playing.


A library with dozens of pre-recorded courses so you can take action on what you need to know now.


Access to an exclusive curriculum that will help you “fill in the gaps” in your harp playing at your own pace, starting from wherever you are right now.


A treasure trove of sheet music arranged for lever and pedal harps, plus video classes to teach you how to play them, to help you expand your repertoire.


The gentle accountability you need to stay on track so you can play the music you want the way you want.


Our My Harp Mastery members recognize the value a $10 weekly investment in their harp playing provides. If you recognize it too, we’d love you to join us. Join now for only $47/mo. - that’s $10.85/week - or save with an annual subscription ($41/mo or $9.46/week when you purchase the annual subscription).

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My Harp Mastery is:

1. WEEKLY LIVE online classes from Anne, our Certified Coaches and special guests, where you get to learn from and ask the experts, so you have the answers and information you need to be the harpist you want to be.
2. UNLOCKED! My Harp Mastery COURSES VAULT. Our extensive archive of courses has everything you need to strengthen your technique, develop your musicianship and teach you to practice and play like a pro. In addition, our exclusive Scale of Success curriculum will show you exactly what you need to learn next.
3. SMALL GROUP SESSIONS. Because sometimes learning happens best in small groups, we create opportunities for our members to meet virtually in small groups with peers called Sounding Boards for accountability, support, connection, and encouragement.
4. SHEET MUSIC LIBRARY.  This isn't just sheet music; it’s over 40 pieces with sheet music AND video walkthroughs to help you learn and play them. If you had to purchase 40 pieces at an average of $9 per piece, you would spend over $350, but all this is included in your My Harp Mastery membership.
5. FIRST ACCESS to in-person Harp Mastery® retreats. Beat the rush and secure your spot at our two annual retreats before general registration opens and they fill up.
6. ALWAYS OPEN ONLINE MEMBER FORUM. Reach out to other harpists in the Harp Mastery® community any time, from anywhere with any harp-related questions you may have. Get answers from Anne, our Certified Coaches or other harpists just like you when you need them the most!
An incredible value, but just $47/month today. Cancel anytime.  
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Join our global community of harpists on My Harp Mastery, the premier online platform tailored for harpists seeking progress, confidence, and fulfillment in their musical journey.

For just under $10 a week, My Harp Mastery offers a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to support your musical development. With our curated content and weekly live sessions hosted by experts, you'll unlock insights, techniques, and motivation to enhance your playing, boost your practice power and make the progress you want. Whether you're a beginner or seasoned player, My Harp Mastery empowers you to thrive in your journey toward harp happiness.

Here’s what our members have told us:

I do not have a flesh and blood harp community apart from MHM. I hardly have any harp training, yet within MHM I find musical stimulus and feel like and see everyone treats me and other members as I have observed with dignity no matter what level of training or musical understanding we/I have. That is admirable for a group of mainly women. And that I see modeled from the top by you, Anne. I cannot thank you enough, because playing my harp is one of my life joys!

Cheryl M.

[My] Harp Mastery has helped me grow as a harpist .I love the ease of studying at home , the ability to redo some courses etc all at my fingertips. I have been a member for many years and although I don’t attend calls etc as I live in Australia harp mastery has continued to be a great investment.

Alison W.

I love My Harp Mastery because I'm always/consistently learning new and relevant harp materials as well as being encouraged to work on new materials. A HUGE bonus are Anne's arrangements and compositions!!! I have met great friends in Harp Mastery. You will love My Harp Mastery because your playing will not remain stagnant, but move forward. You will become more confident in areas that you may be weak in now, whether theory or technique or other musical skills. You will be a part of a group of VERY happy and like-minded people who also want to become better at the harp and share that with others. You will also become a better musician in general if you play other instruments or teach students. You will know that in this crazy world of heartbreaking and tragic situations, there is one place, for one hour each week, that your mind will be lifted up to something greater.

Cindy B.

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