Enjoy Progress Like Never Before...

...with the all-new print version of the Spark Practice Journal.


Your Progress Depends on Your Practice Plan

Musicians who know how to practice properly learn music faster, enjoy their practice more and perform more confidently. Their secret? Practicing consistently with purpose and focus... and a Plan!

Get Clear

Achievement starts with clarity - on your long term goals, your 90 day goals, your weekly goals and your daily tasks. The Spark Journal has planning pages to help you get focused on every level.

Create a Plan

Goals become reality when you break them down into actionable steps. The Spark Journal's weekly pages are designed to help you measure your progress as you go so you stay on track. 

Take Action

Once your goals and steps are in place, your daily practice has the power of focus. Never be confused when you sit down at the harp again - your Spark Journal shows you exactly what you need to do. 

100 Times More Powerful than a Practice Log

Do I exaggerate? Maybe. Probably not.

The fact is that you can achieve your musical goals when you focus. Daily practice is critical, but it's only part of the solution. When you put a plan in place to direct your practice consistently toward specific goals, your practice becomes focused like a laser beam on your target. No more "hit or miss" ideas or boring practice sessions. When you are certain that your practice is part of your plan, you will start to love every minute and see the results!

That's the key to the Spark Practice Journal, but there's even power packed in this journal. There are Monthly Reflections pages, Warm-Ups, Practice Routine ideas, Note Pages and plenty of inspirational quotes to give you a boost just when you need it.

The Spark Journal may be simply the most powerful practice tool you've ever used.

Are you ready to start doing the best practice of your life?

The All New Spark Practice Journal is available in three convenient formats: as a PDF Download, or in print in a journal-sized 6"x 9" size and a full-sized 8.5"x 11" size. Choose the one that's right for you!

Here's What You'll Find Inside

Each edition includes: 
• 90 Day Goal pages to help you identify your goals and create action steps.
• Three months of Planning Pages to keep you on track daily and weekly.
• Monthly Reflections Page to keep you connected to your goals, your harp and your music.
• Warm-ups to get you moving.
• "Special Duty" Practice plans to help you when the going gets tough.
• Inspirational quotes to motivate and encourage you.

Choose Your Edition



Instant download for you to print and save in your favorite notebook or binder. 

49 pages




6" x 9" Print Edition with loop wire binding.

60 pages*

*Includes the same material as the full size print but in a more readable format for the 6"x9" layout.




8.5" x 11" Print Edition with loop wire binding.

49 pages



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