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The Momentum Miracle Intensive

Motivation may lead you to practice but it won’t help you when you get there.

A spark can only kindle a fire if there is wood there to burn. But if the wood is too big, the spark can't light the fire. The spark needs the right kindling, those smaller pieces of wood that catch fire more easily but burn long enough to ignite the logs. Then you have the kind of fire that can keep you warm.

If your motivation is slipping it’s not really surprising. We all slack off from time to time, and it’s a challenge to practice if you feel like you have nothing to practice for. But since motivation is only the spark, then it isn’t the real problem. The real problem is that you haven’t built your fire correctly - you don’t have the right system in place to create momentum.

Momentum is the fuel that keeps you going even if your motivation is low.

Momentum is the progression of small wins to bigger wins that finally leads to success.

Momentum is what you need to keep making progress and finally play your music.

The Momentum Miracle  course reveals how to maintain your momentum and see progress in your playing that will sustain your energy and keep your playing fun.

The cost for this Intensive is just $25. And here’s what you get:

  • An at-the-harp warm-up to get you focused.
  • A pre-recorded live seminar where you will discover how to create, build and sustain momentum long term. Watch it any time, watch it as often as you like, stop it, start it - it's yours. There's no expiration date!
  • A pre-recorded workshop so you can try these proven “blah-busting” Anti-Practice techniques along with me.
  • A printable note-taking seminar guide.
  • The Momentum Miracle Toolbox PDF, goal setting system and special practice techniques.

Now is the time to move closer to your goals. Don’t put your progress on hold. 

My Harp Mastery members: This training is part of your membership. You can find it via the Table of Contents on our membership site!