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Kaleidoscope Practice

Harpmastery is proud to announce three tools to help harpists
(and other musicians too!):

  • focus their practice,
  • finish their pieces, and
  • play the way they’ve always wanted!


Kaleidoscope Practice: Focus, Finish and Play the Way You’ve Always Wanted
Read the first chapter of the book!

For all musicians who want to enjoy their practicing and performing, this book includes over 50 practice techniques designed to make your practice more effective, focused and enjoyable. No matter what instrument you play, the three practice plans will help you use those techniques to learn music faster, play it more musically and perform more confidently.

This book is available for FREE for Kindle unlimited subscribers. It’s $7.99 for the rest of us. Click here to go to the Amazon page.
(Don’t have a Kindle? You can download the free app right on the same page, and read the book on any device!)

OR… you can order a PDF version of the book which you can read anywhere on any device or print out if you prefer a paper copy!  I want the PDF version.


This spiral-bound print book reviews the Kaleidoscope Practice system and gives you a practical action plan to use the system in your practice every day. In fact, there are three practice plans, one for each of the three learning stages and over 60 harp-specific practice techniques. Included are practice journal pages to help you set and achieve your goals, extra suggestions for practicing trouble spots and helpful practice tips.

Kaleidoscope Practice, The Harpist’s Playbook – $24.99
(plus shipping and handling)


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