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Etude a Day: Etude 1

Try this sample etude!

Below is all the material from Etude 1 of the Etude a Day Your Way challenge. In the actual course, all the materials are found on a dedicated, secure website that you will have exclusive access to as a member of the challenge.  (By the way, you have lifetime access; your subscription never expires, so you can work through the etudes at your own pace or revisit them again any time you want a refresher.) 

The Challenge begins!

Our first etude focuses on the simple yet awkward movement of the turnaround. Simple, because it’s one of the most basic patterns we play. Awkward, because it should be clean, noiseless and even. Clean replacing and a relaxed hand are required!

Watch the Introductory video, print out the PDFs (in either the original E-flat Major, or C major), then watch or play along with either the slower or faster tempo videos.

Introductory video:

Click here to print Etude No. 1 in Eflat Major
Click here to print Etude No. 1 in C Major

Slower Tempo Video:


Faster Tempo Video:

It’s time to go for it! A lifetime subscription is just $75 – that’s $3.00 per lesson. It’s a no-brainer – sign up for Etude a Day Your Way now!

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