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A Quick Musical Note of Thanks

music miscellany Nov 26, 2014

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US, I thought I would offer a quick “thank you” tribute to all our harp-cestors, those incredible teachers, performers and composers that gave so much to the instrument we love. And “thank you” too, to all of you who contribute to the world of the harp and to the musical universe today. Without the many-faceted accomplishments from so many, our world would be so much poorer.

Thank you for your generosity, your gifts and all your music.

(And a quick word of thanks to all the participants on Monday’s teleseminar. As always, you are why I do what I do. Thank you!)

Here is a wonderful performance by Xavier de Maistre of Henriette Renié’s fanciful Danse des Lutins (Dance of the Goblins).

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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