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The 4 Immutable Laws of Progress

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Are you stuck in a practice rut? Do you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, doing lots of work and making little visible progress? Are you “staying the course,” hoping that your practice will eventually pay off?

Here’s the thing: practice is supposed to pay off, and not only over the long term. Your practice should be enabling you to play the music you want in a reasonable time frame. If your practice feels more like an infinite loop than a path forward, it’s time to create some traction.

  • Do you struggle to see progress from day-to-day?
  • Do you often quit before you finish a piece because it just isn’t going anywhere?
  • Are you sometimes confused about what you should be doing in your practice?
  • Do you try to set schedules and goals for yourself, only to have your carefully made plans fall apart?

Here’s the good news: you’re not alone. Many harpists struggle unnecessarily with practice issues like these, simply because they have never been taught how to make their practice work for them. They try to surmount musical challenges just by spending more practice time on them. And when more time doesn’t get them any closer to playing their pieces, they find themselves battling frustration too.

There are four “immutable laws” of practice, four basic but essential components of practice. If you obey the laws, you make progress. If you don’t, you will spend time needlessly spinning your wheels. In just two weeks, you can learn exactly how to easily put these laws to work for you instead of pitting yourself against them.

  • Discover how to:
  • Spend less practice time and get more accomplished.
  • Create steady progress with results you can actually see.
  • Eliminate frustration and burnout.
  • Know exactly what to do to overcome practice challenges.
  • Enjoy playing, not just practicing!

This free email course has eight email lessons over 14 days, with two lessons devoted to each of the immutable laws. You will do more than just learn the concepts; you will have specific steps to take to put those concepts into your practice that day, so you can experience the changes immediately. With short, easy-to-follow videos and printable worksheets to guide you, you will experience the confidence and creative freedom that comes from knowing your efforts will enable you to play your music beautifully, not just practice it endlessly.